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Money Orders and Stamps

As an alternative to Money Orders we recommend the use of Jpay (www.jpay.com). Jpay is a reliable and quick method to send money through the internet to inmates in certain states of the US.

Although we offer our Money Order and Stamps Service only for people in German speaking countries of Europe, it may be of value for similar organizations in other countries to know how our service works. Therefore we are providing some information about the costs and dispatch conditions .  

Costs of our money orders and stamps

Our offer for money orders is a service from which we do not make any profit.

Each Money Order is pre-paid in dollars along with a postage fee of $1.15.  Our price is directly related to the exchange rate at the time of purchase.  We round up the figure.  

This also applies to stamps where our price is dictated by the exchange rate at the time of purchase.  Again, we round up the figure.   

Please note that any difference in rounding up helps to cover our costs (eg. envelopes, paper, bank charges or travel expenses to the post office).    

Our prices can change dramatically depending on the exchange rate. This is because we only purchase every six months. Depending of the fluctuation of dollar, our prices change at the time of purchase. 

We generally sell old supplies of Money Orders and stamps first.

Money Orders of the US post do not have an expiry date.  

Our dispatch costs are the actual costs incurred which is 2,18 € for a registered letter not heavier than 20g within Germany.

Our dispatch conditions


  1. You order by E-Mail.
  2. You receive by E-Mail our invoice as a pdf file. The invoice is a binding offer and is valid for 14 days.
  3. You tranfer the amount due. In doing so, you accept our dispatch conditions.
  4. After receipt of payment you will receive the money orders or stamps ordered.

We operate only on a payment in advance basis. 

You can cancel your order at any time up until the point of payment. This can be done by an E-Mail.

If the invoice is not paid within 14 days we automatically assume that the order is cancelled.

Returning Money Orders or stamps is only possible in exeptional circumstances and obviously only when they are unused.  

We send Money Orders and stamps within Germany by registered mail at the following rates: 2,18 € per order in Germany or 2,80 € within Europe. Only when specifically requested do we send Money Orders or stamps (eg. for small amounts) at the sender’s risk at the normal letter rate of 0,58 € within Germany and 0,75 € within Europe. Heavier items where the order is in excess of 100,00 €, incur higher costs as does the postage of more than one item or postaby by insured express mail. This is done only with your permission and our authorisation.  

Please note that we can only supply Money Orders in ‘normal’ quantities and only for private use to send to pen pals in US prisons. Where larger amounts of Money Orders or stamps are being ordered, we reserve the right to refuse.  This is because our supplies are normally sufficient but not unlimited.

We also reserve the right, upon informing you, to change provide a large amount in numerous small amounts (eg. a Money Order for $50 may be supplied as a combination of $20 and $30).      


In the unlikely event that a registered letter gets lost, the post is only liable for an amount of 20,00 €. The remaining liability would be in the case of an order amounting up to 100,00 € shared between the German Coalition to Abolish Death Penalty and the purchaser. The risk relating to a higher order amount is carried solely by the purchaser.

The German Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty will not accept any liability for Money Orders which are incorrectly filled out. In the US it is possible to exchange the falsely filled out Money Order at the post office by presenting both the Money Order and the accompanying receipt.

We also do not accept any liability in the case a Money Order is not accepted by a prison irrespective of the reason. 

We do not accept liability for any changes in state laws which may affect money orders (eg. limited life, expiry date etc)  We don't take any liability for the correctness of any information given e.g. about the laws in the US states.