Executions in 2018: min. 690 plus 'thousands' in China

Attempted deportation to China although there was the risk of death penalty and torture

In 2002 a Chinese citizen turned to our organisation because he feared deportation to China although he was at risk of receiving the death penalty or being tortured.  

After his application for finding of impediments to deportation due to §53 of the aliens act was rejected by the administrative court, Mr. Chang* was now facing the last resort.  

As of August 6th 2005, a court has finally agreed that there are impediments of deportation due to §60, subparagrah 2, 5 and / of the Residence act. An appeal was denied.  

If the Federal Agency for recognision of political refugees does not object, the deportation is therefore avoided.  

Mr. Chang was very happy about this verdict and cordially thanked us for the ‘longstanding endeavors’ of our organization.  

We wish Mr. Chang all the best and are so happy for him that in the end the recognition of Human Rights prevailed against the trend of ‘deportation at all cost‘.


* Mr. Chang had asked us to neither publish his name nor give any detailed information on his case or his person since he fears additional pressure from the Chinese authorities that would mean he should get deported after all. 

Death Penalty world-wide

There are still 58 countries and territories which keep capital punishment in their law and carried out executions in the past 10 years, among these countries are also the USA and Japan.

We want to give you a short overview over the death penalty world-wide here.