Executions in 2018: min. 690 plus 'thousands' in China


There are 85 male and 2 female prisoners currently on death row in Louisiana. Whereas female inmates are held in St. Gabriel, all male death row inmates are in Angola, which is with more than 5000 prisoners one of the biggest high security prisons in the USA.
Since the reintroduction of the death penalty in 1973 a total number of 28 prisoners have been executed in Louisiana. On January 2010 Gerard Bordelon was executed. His execution was the first one after over 7 years. In Louisiana prisoners are executed by lethal injection in Angola prison.

Data from: November 2015.


General Mail rules

The complete address as well as the inmate's number have to be legible written on letters and cards. All incoming mail will be read and checked. Outgoing letters will only be read if there have been several problems with the inmate.

Apart form photos (unlimited) only money orders are allowed to send.

Stamps or cash is not allowed to send by mail.

If you want to send Money Orders, please check the latest procedures and regulations for the certain institution in Louisiana.

As an alternative, money can be send via jpay.

Books and magazines may only be send through an official vendor like Amazon.


Please, ask your pen pal about the up-to-date mailing rules, photo rules and gift rules.  Since these rules change very fast, it's not always possible for us to make a valid assessment of these stipulations.

Pending US-Executions

Unfortunately the United States of America still is one of the countries which regularly executes people.

You’ll find a list of the already scheduled executions here.