Executions in 2018: min. 690 plus 'thousands' in China


California has the largest death row population within the USA. There are currently more than 750 people on death row: 743 men who are located in the California State Prison San Quentin and 19 women in Chowchilla (data from November 2015). The male death row is located in the California State Prison of San Quentin. San Quentin is the oldest State Prison of California and has more than 3500 imprisoners.

Since 1973, when the death penalty was re-enacated, 13 executions have been carried out, the last one in the beginning of 2006.

General Mail rules

– cards and letters ( no stickers, no staples or paper-clips,  make sure you write your full address on the envelope
– money by online services www.jpay.com (with credit-card)
– money orders
– no adress-stickers on the envelope
– maximum 5 photos (no polaroids)
– books (no hardcover) directly from the distributer (like Amazon)
– maximum 40 stamps per letter
– 1 black OR 1 blue pen (transparent)
– 50 pages of writing paper per letter
– 20 envelopes
– 4 times a year you might send „Quarterly Packages“ with groceries, clothes etc. ATTENTION: This is only possible through official suppliers like Walkenhorsts. Prior to sending a parcel please make sure that the prisoner is still allowed to get another parcel in that quarter cause if he already got one the prison will refuse it. Quarterly packages have a maximum weight which you will find in the shopping cart of the online-shop. If a prisoner for examples gets a few bits and pieces from such a shop this parcel will count as a quarterly package which means he won't be allowed to receive another parcel during that quarter.

Please, ask your pen pal about the up-to-date mailing rules, photo rules and gift rules.  Since these rules change very fast, it's not always possible for us to make a valid assessment of these stipulations.

Pending US-Executions

Unfortunately the United States of America still is one of the countries which regularly executes people.

You’ll find a list of the already scheduled executions here.