Executions in 2018: min. 690 plus 'thousands' in China


Drawn by Roger W. Murray

Arizona´s death row is at the Eyman complex close to the town of Florence and it is located in the middle of the desert. Eyman consists of the units Cook, Meadows, Rynning, SMU I and Browning. All of the units are separate prisons and the number of inmates at this complex matches the population of a small town.

Death row is part of the Browning unit. All inmates at the Browning unit are in solitary confinement. That means they are locked up in their cells 23 hours a day. They only can leave their cells for showers and recreation in a small open-air enclosure that is surrounded by high walls, and where in the summer, temperatures often reach more than 60° C. 

The inmates are housed in so called "pods". In each pod live 10 inmates. They are housed in small cells on two tiers which are vertically adjacent, reminiscent of a poulty Battery Farm. The inmates can´t see each other. Additionally, the cells have no windows. Inside the cells are only a bed, a small table with stool, a sink and a toilet. All of these objects are solid and anchored to the floor or wall. This isolation makes the evening when they deliver mail, the highlight of the day. All wait and hope that they will receive a letter which will let them escape from this bleak world for a short period of time.

General Mail rules

You may send:

– cards and letters (no stickers, no staples or paper-clips), make sure you write your full address on the envelope
– photos (no polaroids)
– books (no hardcover), magazines and tapes (only transparent) directly from the distributer (for example Amazon)

– jpay

Note: Since 2014 Arizona is changing their inmate fund system which does not allow anymore to send Money Orders directly to inmates or the institutions; as an alternative, there can be used other electronical services like jpay.com

It is not allowed to send stamps or other writing material to inmates!

Please, ask your pen pal about the up-to-date mailing rules, photo rules and gift rules.  Since these rules change very fast, it's not always possible for us to make a valid assessment of these stipulations.

Pending US-Executions

Unfortunately the United States of America still is one of the countries which regularly executes people.

You’ll find a list of the already scheduled executions here.