Executions in 2018: min. 690 plus 'thousands' in China

Online Publications

Publications by the German Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

An introduction to the death penalty with focus on the application of the death penalty in the US. In German language.

A summary of arguments for and against the death penalty. In German language.

Publications by Amnesty International

This document summarizes Amnesty International's global research on the use of the death penalty in 2009.

Publications by the Death Penalty Information Center

End of year report 2009 on the use of the death penalty in the US.

A study on the costs of the death penalty in the US.

A report on how death penalty jurors are unfairly selected, manipulated, and kept in the dark.

Publications by the NCADP

Following up on a handful of investigations spearheaded by the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. (LDF) with a group of committed cooperating attorneys, the Innocence Project, The Justice Project, and students at Columbia, Michigan and several other law schools, some of the nation's best investigative journalists and leading newspapers have exposed grave errors leading to the execution of innocent people.

Publications by Murder Victim's Families for Human Rights

Special edition of MVFHR's newsletter 'Article 3' dealing with the term 'closure' and what closure really means.

Publications by Murder Victim's Families for Reconciliation

The experience of murder victim's family members who oppose the death penalty.

Publications by Sound Portraits Productions

The Execution Tapes is an hour-long public radio special hosted by Ray Suarez featuring excerpts of recordings made in Georgia's death house during state electrocutions. This broadcast is the first time a national audience is able to hear what takes place during a state-sponsored execution. In addition to audio of the 1984 execution of Ivon Ray Stanley, the program features audio of an execution that had to be "reinitiated" -- that is, an execution in which the inmate is still alive after being electrocuted for two minutes, requiring that he be electrocuted again. There is also a selection of inmates' final statements, recorded immediately before their execution.

Witness to an Execution tells the stories of the men and women involved with the execution of deathrow inmates at the Walls Unit in Huntsville, Texas. Narrated by Warden Jim Willett, who oversees all Texas executions, Witness to an Execution documents, in minute-by-minute detail, the process of carrying out an execution by lethal injection. Most of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice employees interviewed have witnessed over one hundred inmates be put to death.

Publications by the National Death Row Assistance Network (NDRAN)

People facing capital murder litigation often do not know how the system works. As a result they may make mistakes, fail to take action or to establish a confident working relationship with their attorney. The defendant and/or his family may want to be helpful to the defense but lack skills or think they do. Most capital cases are not fully investigated due to lack of funds, personnel, and time. Important documents are often lost due to lack of orderly filing procedures. People do not know how to maintain confidentiality or how to talk to the media when it is appropriate. In an effort to help, the Missouri Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty developed a packet of information for defendants and their families which was presented in a workshop of the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty annual conference in 2002. A discussion of the reasons for developing the packet revealed countless horror stories of families in shock and ignorant of criminal justice procedures, particularly during the crucial weeks immediately after their loved one was arrested.

This handbook expands on the excellent work done by Missouri Coalition to help people in all 38 capital punishment states to: understand the procedures in their states, access local and national support groups, obtain basic advice, provide tools for working with lawyers and to get help. It is designed to be a first step in building a team that includes the defendant, his or her family, friends, lawyers and investigators, and ensure that all do their part to provide the best and most spirited defense possible.

The handbook is a joint effort on the part of death row prisoners around the country, professors, lawyers, active community members and families of inmates. Much of the research, writing and organization of the booklet was done by Lawson Strickland, formerly a death row prisoner, currently serving a Life sentence at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.

Publications by the Columbia Human Rights Law Review

The Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manuel discusses only those areas of law that refer to prisoners’ rights. It contains information about challenging a conviction or a sentence, about prisoner’s rights while being in prison, and about different ways to obtain an early release from prison.

Publications by the U.S. Department of Justice - Bureau of Justice Statistics