Executions in 2018: min. 690 plus 'thousands' in China

Private Initiatives

German site:
Private Homepage von Holzi aus Freiburg, der einige Informationen zum Thema Todesstrafe zusammengetragen hat

The Innocent In Prison Project International (IIPPI) illustrates cases of possibly false or wrongful convictions.  

On their website visitors will find useful information.  IIPPI campaigns for inmates they  take care of and does educational work.  In addition IIPPI also offers such  inmates the possibility to publish their case on the website and ask for support.  

A detailed guide with lots of useful information for visits on Texas death row.

German Site:
Online Informationsmagazin mit Nachrichten und Forum zum Thema Todesstrafe herausgegeben von Michael Kahr. 

The death penalty in Texas, among other things based on personal experiences of Gabi Uhl such as the execution of Cliff Boggess.