Executions in 2018: min. 690 plus 'thousands' in China

Ideas For Young People

You would like to play a part? We have several proposals for you – but of course you can do everything which comes to your mind. Each voice counts!

School Or Youth Club Projects

You can accomplish a project in your school or your youth club such as the following: 

  • You can stage a play together with the topic of the death penalty.
  • You can write to a prisoner as a group (together with a teacher or the head of the youth club) and accompany him in this way. Writing as a group is strongly advised over individual correspondence for the youth.
  • You can organize a working group with the topic of the death penalty and thus inform the people in your environment over years.
  • You can organize an exposition regarding this topic.

... Anything Else Which Comes To Your Mind?

Term Papers, Presentations, Etc.

You will surely have to hold a lecture on a subject, hand in term papers or presentations. 

Why not choosing the subject of the death penalty? You decisively contribute to the information of the people and you help to mobilize the population and to become really active.


Speak with your friends, parents, teachers. You can develop ideas together and together you are stronger. In this way you can win new combatants and also motivate others to play a part for example in petitions.

Letters To The Editor

On the internet, in newspapers and magazines editors again and again return to the topic of the death penalty. Write letters to the editor, correct wrong statements and inform them about what’s really happening.


You will surely have seen the petitions and links to the petitions on our website. On the one hand you can join the petition, but it is very important for you to know that you can pass them on! A petition is useful if it is signed by as many people as possible. Forward the mails, talk to other people about it. Each voice counts! 

During our tours we could observe how committed young people signed petitions, took them home, gave them to others for signing and then returned long signature lists. We could pass on these lists and thus give new hope to some people.

Cities for Life

The community of Sant’Egidio started the initiative ‘Cities for Life’ in the year 2002. Cities are asked to illuminate a deeply symbolic building of their city in a specific manner on 30 November. In 2008 as many as 998 cities participated in this initiative and thus expressed their rejection of the death penalty. 

As young people you can tell your municipal council about this initiative, make it public in the press, you can collect signatures in order that your city joins in. 

You will find further information and photographs regarding the ‘Cities for Life’ here.

School Groups of Amnesty

There are already Amnesty groups in many schools. If there exists such a group in your school, then you can join in the group and do some work for human rights.

Do you have other ideas how youngsters can play a part in our work? Then contact us! We are glad about each proposal and will place these proposals – in case we consider them practicable – on our website.


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Do you know your Rights?

Over and over again we can read about the 'Human Rights' in the media. But barely anybody knows what really belongs to these 'Human Rights' and what doesn’t.  

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