Executions in 2018: min. 690 plus 'thousands' in China

Books and Texts

Here you are going to find books and texts written by Death Row inmates.


"Where are you christmas?" Screenplay by Tim Lee

This is a story about Angela Roberts and David
Bauer, who lose their spouses in tragic accidents right before Christmas. Two years pass and David brings his daughter to the town where his wife's parents live, which is also where Angela lives.
Moving on has been difficult for both of them, but they are dealing with things the best they can.
A twist of fate brings Angela and David into each other's lives. They develop a friendship quickly. The ease they have talking to each other is comforting, and something they both welcome into their lives.
Sometimes romance finds people who are not looking for it, but who need it in their lives.
This is one such story.

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"The Sorcerers Legacy" Fantasynovel by Tim Lee

Four thousand years ago a battle between good and evil took place. An evil sorcerer was cast into exile for four thousand years, but escaped from that exile a few years before it would end in present day. Drexol and his dragon wreak havoc. Beltzemar, the good sorcerer, cast a spell that would give a descendant of his in the future powers to use to fight Drexol. That descendant is Nicky. With the help of a cat, Kwadjol, that Beltzemar gave powers to, one being the ability to speak, Nicky prepares for the battle to come against Drexol, and is introduced to a dragon, Zaylok, who will be his familiar. A story of good fighting evil, but with the magic and battle continuing in the world as we know it now, and going back in time.

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